08 Dec 2020
December 8, 2020

Hotel Sales Leadership Tools

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LE’s Programs Deliver Accurate and Actionable Sales Opportunities

LE’s Business Development Program Database has expanded its collaboration and CRM functionality to manage, share, and accelerate your business development plans with these three new advanced sales leadership tools.

Development Timeline Changes

Timeline changes allow you to search, view, and export changes to any project’s timeline. Changes to a timeline can include start date, open date, or project stage. Project timeline changes are updated weekly and will include any timeline history changes of a project.

Actions & Notes on Company Records

To help you stay organized and remember important call or email details, LE’s database of hotel and contact records now provides you with the ability to write notes on any individual company contact record. You can also schedule a follow-up date and set an email or in-app notification so you never miss an important sales opportunity timeline.

Sharing Searches

To ensure everyone on your team is focusing on the most important sales priorities, you can now create a saved search in LE’s database and share it amongst your colleagues. An important tool for directing strategies throughout the team and converting them into actions.

For a demonstration of LE’s database and these new sales leadership tools, contact us at +1 603.427.9542 or info@lodgingeconometrics.com