Lodging Econometrics Announces New Strategic Consulting Programs

Introduces cutting-edge real estate intelligence and business development programs to support lodging industry growth planning

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Lodging Econometrics (LE), the lodging industry’s leading global partner for real estate intelligence, introduces a new array of cutting-edge programs and analytical products for companies looking to accelerate growth. Renowned as a leading provider of lodging expertise, global real estate intelligence, and up-to-date real estate data trends and analytics, the privately-owned firm has also launched a new website that combines dynamic analytical tools, industry support services, and customized business development programs to help the industry’s leading companies create strategic advantage by accelerating their growth and outpacing competitors.

LE’s new Real Estate Intelligence programs and analytical products are designed to support strategic planning and targeted business development objectives for:

  • Franchise sales teams looking to expand their brand distribution
  • Management companies looking to add management contracts to their portfolios
  • Ownership groups looking to acquire additional real estate assets
  • Analysts responsible for monitoring industry-wide and corporate development trends
  • Vendors looking to expand their product distribution in the lodging industry.

“Our business development programs are not one-size-fits-all but rather highly customizable solutions,” says J.P. Ford, Senior Vice President of Lodging Econometrics. “We start by understanding the organization’s growth objectives, then research the lodging industry to identify every available business opportunity that meets their unique specifications.”

LE delivers an individual data-rich hotel record for each of those opportunities—plus all related contact information—in a password-protected, sortable, online database, customized for each business development officer’s particular territory. The site is viewable from any device and continually updated. LE also provides each client with a customized website that includes a library of regional, national, and market real estate trend reports, along with individual portfolio reports for leading ownership and management groups.

“Clients are finding the customizable databases and websites perfect for strategic planning, monitoring trends in particular countries and markets, and targeting new growth initiatives,” says Ford.

LE’s reputation is built on 40-plus years of lodging and real estate industry experience. In addition to their new business development programs, the LE team supports franchise companies, ownership and management groups, and lodging vendors with other real estate consulting services, actionable knowledge, and hands-on orientation programs.

For industry analysts, LE offers a variety of lodging real estate reports that identify the latest trends impacting lodging real estate markets, worldwide.

“The industry in North America is recovering to near pre-recession operating levels,” says LE Senior Vice President, Bruce Ford. “The cost of capital is at lifetime lows. Growth is on the rise here as well as in Latin America and Asia. With new development and industry-wide investment gaining momentum, economic conditions are exceptional for clients looking to increase unit sales and grow their market share.”

As Ford explains, LE’s new business development programs and analytical products are building on the firm’s reputation for providing valuable data to lodging clients looking to identify new business opportunities. “Our global Real Estate Intelligence programs take LE to a new level, providing the research and insights to identify each and every growth opportunity in any country or market our clients are targeting, along with the decision-maker contacts for those projects. Now lodging industry companies can essentially outsource all their real estate research to LE, so they can focus on business development and pursue the opportunities that support their growth objectives. In a competitive, real-time global market, that translates to competitive advantage.”

About Lodging Econometrics
Lodging Econometrics (LE) is the lodging industry’s leading consulting partner for global real estate intelligence. Combining unparalleled industry experience, a real-time pulse on market trends and extensive knowledge of key decision-makers, LE delivers actionable insights that turn their clients’ business goals into timely opportunities—and drive strategic advantage.

Media Contact: Rebecca Evans, Director of Marketing Communications, 603.431.8740 x19, revans@lodgingeconometrics.com