Lodging Econometrics Introduces New Business Development Program for Lodging Industry Vendors

Customized lodging real estate intelligence program identifies new construction, renovation, and potential product replacement opportunities to accelerate unit sales

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Lodging Econometrics (LE), the lodging industry’s leading global partner for real estate intelligence, announces a new business development program specifically designed for vendor firms looking to accelerate unit sales growth and expand their market share in the lodging industry. LE Lodging Real Estate Intelligence for Business Development provides lodging vendors with a customized database of every new construction, renovation, and potential product replacement opportunity, worldwide, along with the decision-maker contacts for those projects.

LE’s new Real Estate Intelligence program is designed to support the strategic planning and targeted business development objectives for vendor companies looking to expand their lodging industry market share. The program is sourced from LE’s unparalleled global real estate databases, which aggregate complete hotel records for all franchise companies, developers, ownership and management groups in every significant country and market around the world that a client might wish to target.

“The customized program is designed to help vendors create an actionable business development strategy for the lodging vertical,” says Bruce Ford, Senior Vice President and Director of Global Business Development for Lodging Econometrics. “We start by understanding the organization’s growth objectives, and what countries and markets the client is targeting. We then research the lodging industry to identify every available opportunity that fits their unique specifications, along with the decision-maker contacts for those projects.”

LE customizes the program for each vendor client and provides a password-protected, Online Sortable Database of new construction, renovation, and potential product replacement opportunities, including a comprehensive record for each hotel with complete decision-maker contact information. The site is viewable from any device and continually updated.

LE also provides each client with a customized Website Library of New Business Opportunities that includes a library of regional, national, and market trend reports, along with individual portfolio reports for all national accounts including franchise companies and ownership and management groups. Reports are also included for each target market for use by telemarketing teams.

As Ford says, “Our vendor clients find the customized databases and websites ideal for setting and achieving product distribution objectives with national account managers, sales and marketing teams, and distribution groups, as well as for establishing telesales priorities.”

The new Lodging Real Estate Intelligence program is part of suite of business development programs announced by LE. In addition to these programs, the LE team supports franchise companies, ownership and management groups, and lodging vendors with other real estate consulting services and hands-on orientation programs.

“New construction and renovation activity is on the rise, and that means increased product placement opportunities,” explains J.P. Ford, Senior Vice President of Lodging Econometrics. “Our Real Estate Intelligence program will provide our vendor clients with up-to-the-minute information about every potential new construction and product replacement opportunity, anywhere in the world. In an improving lodging economy, having that actionable knowledge is proving essential to accelerating growth and outpacing competitors.”

Ford explains that companies today don’t have the in-house research capabilities to efficiently surface timely new business opportunities, let alone the contacts for those leads. “We’re making it possible for vendors to outsource their real estate research to LE, so they can focus their available time on business development efforts more effectively to accelerate their growth objectives.”

In tandem with these new business development programs, LE has launched a new website that combines dynamic analytical tools, industry support services, and customized business development programs to help the industry’s leading companies accelerate growth and outpace competitors.

As Ford puts it, “The competition for market share today is global, so having that actionable intelligence at your fingertips, along with the decision-maker contacts for those projects, translates to a powerful competitive advantage.”

LE’s new business development programs and analytical products build on the firm’s long-standing reputation for providing valuable data to lodging clients looking to identify new business opportunities.

About Lodging Econometrics
Lodging Econometrics (LE) is the lodging industry’s leading consulting partner for global real estate intelligence. Combining unparalleled industry experience, a real-time pulse on market trends and extensive knowledge of key decision-makers, LE delivers actionable insights that turn their clients’ business goals into timely opportunities — and drive strategic advantage.

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