About LE

Our real estate intelligence is your strategic advantage.

Lodging Econometrics (LE) is the leading lodging industry consulting partner for global real estate intelligence. Combining unparalleled industry experience, a real-time pulse on market trends and widespread knowledge of key decision makers important to you, LE delivers actionable insights that turn your business goals into timely opportunities—driving your strategic advantage.

Our Global Business Development Programs deliver actionable knowledge to accelerate your growth objectives.

We start by understanding your organization’s growth goals, then research the global lodging industry to identify every business opportunity available that meets your unique specifications. LE presents those opportunities and all related Decision-Maker contact information in a password-protected, Online Sortable Database – customized for your company and continually updated.

LE then creates a Customized Website Library of Real Estate Trend Reports that aggregates and analyzes industry-wide development growth trends and transaction activity for the major Franchise Companies and Brands, Top Developers and Leading Ownership & Management Groups in every region, country and market, worldwide.

The website is perfect for strategic planning, monitoring trends in particular countries and markets and for targeting specific growth initiatives.

Ownership & Management Groups

LE’s Market Intelligence Program™ for Asset Management and Hotel Acquisitions identifies every potential real estate management contract and hotel acquisition opportunity available for Ownership and Management Groups. See how today’s leading Ownership and Management Groups are using LE’s Programs and Reports to accelerate their growth plans.  Learn More

Hotel Franchise Companies

LE’s Real Estate Intelligence™ for Brand Growth provides Franchise Companies with every new construction and potential brand conversion opportunity available worldwide. Investigate how today’s global Franchise Companies are accelerating their market share and growth plans with LE’s Programs and Reports.  Learn More

Lodging Vendors

LE’s Lodging Real Estate Intelligence™ for Business Development identifies every new construction, known renovation, and potential product replacement opportunity available worldwide. Discover how Lodging Vendors are increasing unit sales with LE’s Programs and Reports.  Learn More

Lodging Real Estate Reports for Analysis

LE’s Real Estate Trend Reports provide decision-ready insight into the latest trends impacting lodging real estate worldwide.

  • Construction Pipeline Trend Reports – for every region and country worldwide.
  • Individual Market Trend Reports – for any market worldwide.
  • Transaction Trend Reports – for the United States only
  • Sales Comp Reports – for the United States only
  • Learn More

Your dashboard for decision making

LE’s customized Global Business Development Programs will provide you with an Online Sortable Database containing comprehensive individual property records with complete Decision-Maker contact information – viewable from your desktop, tablet, and mobile device.  LE will then create a Customized Website Library of Real Estate Trend Reports that provides complete real estate intelligence and insights for your strategic planning.

Together, LE’s Programs and Reports provide you with all of the Global Real Estate Intelligence you need to reach your growth objectives and beat out the competition.

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