Lodging Econometrics’ (LE’s) Q1 2024 Hotel Construction Pipeline Trend Report reveals steady growth in China’s construction pipeline, with 3,775 projects encompassing 695,212 rooms. The total pipeline in the country continues to expand, increasing 3% by projects and 2% by rooms year-over-year (YOY).

At the close of the first quarter, China has 2,691 projects and a record-high 488,560 rooms under construction. Additionally, there are 377 projects/65,193 rooms scheduled to start construction in the next 12 months, while 707 projects/141,459 rooms are in the early planning stage. Projects in early planning at Q1 grew 18% YOY by projects and 11% YOY by rooms. Notably, construction starts in China rose 13% by projects YOY and 11% by rooms to stand at 247 projects/42,357 rooms.

The upper midscale and upscale chain scales lead China’s pipeline at Q1, accounting for 57% of projects and 58% of rooms in the country’s total pipeline. These two chain scales each achieved record-highs this quarter, with 1,261 projects/197,224 rooms and 906 projects/206,919 rooms, respectively. Luxury hotel projects also reached a new all-time high project count at Q1, closing the quarter with 229 projects/50,317 rooms.

Chengdu leads China’s pipeline with 147 projects/29,595 rooms, a new record room count for the city. Shanghai follows with 131 projects/25,258 rooms. Next is Guangzhou at 110 projects/23,171 rooms, then Hangzhou with 102 projects/20,913 rooms, and Xi’an with 93 projects/16,737 rooms.

During the first quarter, 120 new hotels/17,081 rooms opened in China, with an additional 754 new hotels/121,121 rooms forecast to open in Q2-Q4. LE analysts forecast a total of 874 new hotels/138,202 rooms to open by year-end, while in 2025, 916 new hotels/160,166 rooms are forecast to open.